Mini Rose Hat Box - 1 Burgundy Rose (Black Box) (Personalizable) – Pavo Florals

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Mini Rose Hat Box - 1 Burgundy Rose (Black Box) (Personalizable)
Mini Rose Hat Box - 1 Burgundy Rose (Black Box) (Personalizable)

Mini Rose Hat Box - 1 Burgundy Rose (Black Box) (Personalizable)


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Single Mini Rose Hat Box

"You are always my only one". Confess your love with this customisable Mini Rose Box from PAVO FLORALS, tell her that she is the only one in your heart.

Free customisation of any A-Z or ♥ on to the box to make it unique and memorable.  1 alphabet per box.
There will be a message card written by our calligrapher in English. The word limit is 150 characters with spaces included. You may also choose to have a blank message card and write the message by yourself.

We will contact you shortly after you place your order on the customisation details, delivery time and date. Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance. 


*Please treat this product with care, it is very delicate and should be handled and treated like fresh roses. Discolouration may occur, be careful when rubbed against light coloured clothing. Our rose colours will vary naturally as time goes by and become more cream depending on the humidity and sunlight of the environment that it is stored at.